Making enum fields in rails admin with I18n

23 Mar 20:04

Sometimes you need to create a type (or else) field in a model without creation of additional model and reference.
It can be useful when new types will never or extremely seldom appear. I suggest to declare an array with types in a model and work with him.

How to install fresh nginx

06 Jan 12:05

Multidomain, linux friendly nginx web-server installation.

Speed up your Bundler

09 Dec 17:53

How to speed up work of the bundler.

Init script for unicorn

28 Mar 12:33

Today I wanted to share with you a useful init script for rails application which use unicorn.
It allows you to start/stop/restart unicorn easy. Also it provide "hot" reload of unicorn.

Get up several applications using nginx, unicorn and rvm

Today I wanted to tell you how to get up several ruby on rails applications probably based on different ruby versions.
I used for it unicorn, rvm and nginx.